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Saint Leo University

Contract Re-negotiations

Saint Leo University (Saint Leo, FL) retained Support Service Group, LLC to assess the performance of their dining services and facilities management contractors and re-negotiate both these long-term agreements. Saint Leo has experienced tremendous growth and has completed new residence facilities, a new Student Center, and a new maintenance building. The dining services and facilities contractors contributed capital to assist Saint Leo in the development of the new facilities. The new Student Center will house resident dining and retail operations. Both agreements were re-negotiated summer 2005 to allow for customer satisfaction incentives in both the dining and facilities agreements.

Annual Retainer

As a result of the successful contract re-negotiations for both dining and facilities, Saint Leo University elected to enter into an annual retainer program with Support Service Group, LLC to monitor the plan implementation for both contracts. SSG also consulted on the transition to the new Student Activities Center. The new Student Activities Center includes new resident dining and retail dining venues. Saint Leo has renewed the annual retainer agreement through the 2010/2011 academic year.

Contract Negotiations

In 2010 Saint Leo elected to terminate their dining services contract and self-operate their dining services. Support Service Group, LLC was retained to negotiate the termination agreement with the contractor and assist the new Saint Leo management with the transition to self-operation.  The negotiations were completed on schedule to both parties satisfaction, and the transition to self-operation was successfully completed.

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