Client Quotations


“Support Service Group exceeded our expectations in all areas…”

Vice President of Business Affairs

“Thank you for the information and extremely quick response, I really appreciate your professionalism during what could have been a very difficult process…”


“SSG saved us over $1,000,000 by re-negotiating a new five year contract with our existing contractor, without having to go through a RFP process…”

Business Manager

“Excellent responses to the vendor questions. The sage advice that you have provided to all of the prospective contractors has been critical to our process. Your experience with process management definitely saved us from what could have caused us major headaches later…”

Associate Vice President

“Support Service Group is by far the most ethical consultant that we’ve ever used. Their knowledge of the industry and especially the major contract companies has benefited our university immensely. They really understand all the major players and the way they sell and operate their business…”

Director of Auxiliary Services

“Our transition to a new contractor went much smoother than we expected, primarily due to the professionalism of Support Service Group. The contract negotiations were handled by SSG ethically and professionally. Without their knowledge of the contract industry, we’d probably still be negotiating back and forth. They understand what a contract company will and won’t negotiate better than anyone…”

Senior Vice President

“We chose SSG because of their total independence in the contract management market. While they have excellent working relationships with all the major contractors and many regional firms, they go out of their way to be totally objective and never showed any favoritism toward one firm over another…”

Vice President of Student Affairs

“Prior to choosing Support Service Group to assist in our RFP process, we checked all of their Client references. The references could not have been more favorable. We even checked with top executives at the three major contract companies regarding their opinion of SSG. They all commented on how fair and professional their experience has been with SSG…”

Vice President of Business & CFO

“We initially hired SSG to evaluate our dining services performance and re-negotiate our long term agreement. The results that they achieved for us were much better than we had expected. Due to the success of the dining services process, we retained SSG for a facilities maintenance project. They helped us immensely and our facilities have never looked better…and we did not need to change contractors…”

Vice President of Business & Finance

“Our company has been involved in many processes managed by different consultants. Often a consultant will not provide all the necessary information or require significant non-value added work of the contractor during the process. Support Service Group is definitely the exception to the typical consultant that we deal with. They provide all the information we need to understand what the Client is looking for. The background data provided is always succinct and complete. While we do not always win the contract, we know that the process will be fair and SSG has always been willing to explain how we could have approached the process differently. From a contractor’s perspective, they are the best consultants that we deal with…”

Senior Vice President, Major International Contractor

“The work that Support Service Group did on our project was terrific. The Maintenance Agreement that they crafted for us was simply superb…”

Senior Associate Vice President